Hydraulic scissor lifts

Hydraulic lifting tables are equipment where the lifting function is achieved by means of the articulated scissors principle and operated by means of a hydraulic cylinder.

Hydraulic lifting tables produced by SKBS can be made in standard construction or according to customer requirements.

SKBS hydraulic lifting tables are designed, executed and tested in accordance with the EN 1570 requirements for in-service safety.
Hydraulic lifting tables can be designed and manufactured with a number of optional accessories, including:

  • Access ramps;
  • Rocking ramps;
  • Dyke;
  • Railings etc

Offer Request

SKBS is a company specialized in offering custom integrated intralogistics solutions when it comes to loading and unloading various goods through equipment such as conveyors and scissor-type hydraulic lifts. Our team is made up of professionals with experience, know-how that folds on any type of project and requirement.

SKBS Romania produces, installs high quality hydraulic masses and related accessories for any type of hall and storage space.

We want to offer the best products and services to our clients, which is why we produce and offer high quality scissor type hydraulic lifts with extended warranty. We think about the needs of our customers and therefore we offer a convenient price for the range of hydraulic tables without having to discount the quality of our products.

All products in the range of elevators / tables are made and designed to the level of European standards. To cope with all the demands of projects, we continuously modernize the range of production equipment, we constantly train the team of workers – so we will offer the best lifts and hydraulic tables on the market.

In addition to the production and distribution of hydraulic products, we offer high quality technical and after-sales services so that each customer is sure that he has chosen the right solution for him.

The range of hydraulic tables produced and distributed by the SKBS Romania team helps to transport goods vertically if there is no loading ramp available in the warehouse. We can produce and offer various hydraulic lifts comfort to your requirements with a high lifting capacity that is between 5,000kg and 10,000kg.

Mounting can be done at ground level, but also in buried form both inside the building and outside. Some advantages of these hydraulic products are that the goods can be easily transformed, they take up less space, they can load various heavy pallets.

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