Hydraulic dock levelers

Heavy Duty Frames

  • Deck plate high-strenght
  • Long life time
  • Load up to 10 to
  • Standard format: 2000 x 4000 mm
  • 2 lifting hydraulic cylinders
  • 1 hydraulic cylinder for the lip
  • Max. lifting position at +620 mm
  • Minimum deploying position at -310 mm
  • Pit dimensions: 593 x 2191 x 2136 mm

Safety requirements

  • DIN-EN 1570 Safety Requirments
  • Safety STOP
  • Safety cylinder valves
  • Lateral safety wings
  • Easy push buttons operation control
  • 1 minute velocity from ground level to maximum position

Bespoke by pit

Customization format by pit’s dimensions and lifting height.

Cere Ofertă

The SKBS Romania team produces and distributes a wide range of equalization ramps that are specially designed for a safe and fast loading and unloading flow, located between the edge of the hall and the floor of the truck. Because we want to offer the best products and complete solutions for our clients, we continuously invest in the top technologies for production, but also in the training and qualification of our staff, so that in the end we deliver to our clients high quality products.

For better execution accuracy and high efficiency, the entire production process is largely automated. Thus the result will be a high quality one for the clients who need customized solutions.

The main role of the equalization ramps is to make the process of unloading and loading the goods as easy and fast. In this sense, maneuvers can be executed in a single movement, without having to unload the goods from the truck and move it to the storage place. Through this level equalization process offered by the SKBS ramps, an easy process of handling the goods directly in or from the truck with the forklift can be realized.

SKBS equalization ramps allow you to carry heavy weights up to 5 tons. They are made in accordance with the European norms in force, having also special systems of high protection to avoid accidents.

Advantages of SKBS equalization ramps:

– freight transport is possible in safe conditions

– they are extremely easy to operate

– have a metallic structure resistant to twists

– even though they are used intensively and for a long time, they are resistant over time

– the goods can move very fast even if it is very heavy

– safety rules are met

– they have low maintenance costs

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